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Our advice “media” of the moment to discover or rediscover Corsica in all its splendors.

Netflix broadcasts the beautiful documentary “Corsica: mountains in the sea”. Contemplate the landscapes of Corsica over the four seasons and follow the life of the island wildlife whose many endemic species are revealed.

A life that you’ll observe near the Arinella Bianca campsite, during your next holiday in Corsica in the mountains around Aiguilles de Bavella, Monte Renoso or Pozzis, and in rivers in Cavu, Solenzara and Tavigano. But also on the shores of the Etangs de Diane, Urbino and Palo and by the sea.

*Documentary reserved for Netflix subscribers.

Docu Netflix

Documentaire netflix Corsica montagnes dans la mer

Le mouflon corse

Emblem of the Corsican mountains, the mouflon discreetly inhabits the tops of the island. It takes a lot of patience to hope for a cross…

Le merou brun

The brown merou prefers the calm of the depths but it is not uncommon to cross under the cliffs of Bonifacio, or in the reserves of the Lavezzi Islands or Scandola.

Le gypaète barbu

On the path to the Pozzis and Lake Bastani at the foot of Monte Renosu, you could admire the flight of the bearded vulture, Altore, the largest bird in Corsica… and Europe.



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