Camping Arinella Bianca


Along the sea
  • Sunset at Arinella-Bianca.
  • That’s the time when lovers of rod and reel fishing, anchor in sand to benefit from a sumptuous lighting and, from the unconcern of the wolves which approach the shore.
  • The sea has grown smooth like a mirror again and the moon, huge, will not be long in emerging from the horizon.
  • Do not come back empts handed! Fishing in mountain.
  • You need a licence, which can be bought with the Town hall of Ghisonaccia  and, which will allow you to fish trout.
  • On our premises, you’ll find the fario trout, the rainbow trout, and a Corsican specie, the Macrostigma.
  • Moreover, many fishes were set free a short time ago!
  • In the reserves of Alzitone and Teppe Rossa, near from here, you will find carps.