Camping Arinella Bianca


hr_region4Between sea and mountain, halfway between Bastia and Porto-Vecchio, with Arinella-Bianca along the sea. Ghisonaccia is overlooked by the Monte Renoso, the forest of Marmano, the throats of Inzecca, the Needles of Bavella, highly esteemed tourist places. With its more than 11 km long beach, Ghisonaccia is located less than 2 hours from the majority of the well-known sites: Bastia, Bonifacio, Calvi, Corte…

Curiosities of Ghisonaccia. The St. Michel Church with its admirable Neo-Byzantines frescos. Brisk City with the “Nocturnes (late night opening) of Ghisonaccia” (every Friday evening in tourist season), late night shopping, streets entertainments, animations… Also during the summer: a shuttle brings you from the city to the beach. A market every first Thursday of the month. Bordering the classified field of Pinia, littoral forest of pines and oaks, the beach, kingdom of sand, sea and sun, extends on kilometres.

In this agricultural area with growing rise, you will benefit from your stay to taste: pomelos, kiwis, clementines, lemons coming from the gardens of Ghisonaccia; to discover delicious soft cheeses with dry crust, specialities of the area whose reputation crossed the limits of the island, and especially, to taste the famous wines of Costa Serena, which are growing at the entrance of Ghisonaccia. The vineyard counts 1300 hectares compound of noble types of vines where Sciaccarellu, Nielluccio, Grenache and Syrah dominate, red types of vines which give to the wine diversity and quality. Out of these “tasting walks”, you will have the opportunity to make some pleasant excursions in Fium’ Orbu and its neighbourhoods.

The National Office of the Forests, proposes to you, for a moderate price, marvellous excursions including comments. These information are at your disposal at the reception desk, but you can also get in touch with the Office under phone number +33-4-9532.8190.

Do not forget the train! The train defies time and the seasons. Some times, it is suspended on the granite slope, lost in a mineral kaleidoscope. Other times, it follows the paths of transhumance, goes into exile to the borders of Corsica or escapes towards the most wild places like the Forest of Vizzavona.