Camping Arinella Bianca

The area

Arinella Bianca, the camping site of Costa Séréna. Situated between the sea and the mountains, you are less than 2 hours away from most of the well-known locations of Bastia, Bonifacio, Calvi or Corté. Enjoy an exciting adventure as you travel across Corsica. Plan out your own itinerary to suit, as you discover the island’s many authentic treasures. Discover delicious Corsican specialities:  
  • Coppa, Figatellu, goat’s cheese, brocciu, calenzana, sartenais, etc.
  • You can sample fish and seafood at the fish farms on the superb Urbinu and Diana ponds.
  • Pay a visit to museums such as that at Aléria, brimming with Etruscan and Roman objects.
  • While walking, you can admire the outstanding sights of the procession of Inzecca, the Aiguilles de Bavella and the famous “bent pines”.
Visit new towns:
  • Bonifacio with its limestone cliffs and its caves;
  • Porto Vecchio – “salt city”;
  • The imperial town of Ajaccio;
  • Calvi and Porto…
  • And finally, sample the legendary hospitality of the Corsican people