Camping Arinella Bianca

Remarkable sites

The authentic Corsica is at the gates of the campsite Arinella Bianca

The area around the campsite makes all your senses move. It is home to a wide variety of landscapes to discover, villages to stop, trails to walk. You will appreciate the specialties of local producers and craftmen.

The walk around the ponds of Urbinu and Diana is worth a visit for the landscapes it offers. But also for the tasting of crustaceans and fish on the farms and restaurants that settled there.

You will visit the Aleria Museum, full of Etruscan and Roman objects dating back more than two thousand years. Take a walk through history as you walk the aisles of the nearby archaeological dig site.

On the way to Ghisoni, admire the mineral spectacle offered by the Inzecca. This winding road is as spectacular as it is narrow and the river swimming corner at the foot of the forked pine offers you a well-deserved cool stop in beautiful natural basins

Above Solenzara, the Bavella mountain offer the astonishing spectacle of their famous wind-twisted pines, perched on a rock formation as trenched by time. It is also the starting point for memorable hikes such as the Trou de la Bombe (U Cumpuleddu, en corse.